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Woman Willionaire's second EP Album of 2024 released April 26th, includes her first single OUT NOW along with a special version of the song.

















PORTRAYED is a 4 song EP Album by Woman Willionaire that shines a light on past, present and future. It sets the tone for inner strength when you are seen in a different light instead of who you truly are. 



































Loyalty Underrated is a mixture of songs based on love, trust and relationships. This album gathers together R&B songs by Woman Willionaire and puts them into one collection of a great story already told. 

Release Date: September 8th, 2023.









New show August 27th at Numbers Nightclub! Doors open at 6:30pm, show begins at 7pm! SEE YA THERE!!









Upcoming Show July 30th! Scroll down to BandsinTown to see event information and buy tickets.




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Woman Willionaire





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Newest Album (Full Album)


Release Date: January 6, 2023

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In preparation of the new album “OUT OF OPTIONS”, Woman Willionaire released one of the singles from it called “Ahhh, Yeah”.













Woman Willionaire Productions has taken full effect and is creating more than expected.













In November, Woman Willionaire's single “Lovely Thanksgiving” flooded streaming platforms accompanied by 2 Christmas singles; “Heartful Holidays” and What'll it be?"                         



















New Single 


Strong Mothers 

Woman Willionaire 

Release: June 10th

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June 2022

Woman Willionaire is #3 on Reverbnation Pop Chart!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the supporters and continuing fans! 










Currently ranked on reverbnation.

Thanks to all the supporters! 

April - May 2022














Behind The Lyrics

From her latest single, Rich In Poverty, were words familiar to many people of the community. The lyrics reflected growing up not realizing you had everything you needed in the midst of having next to nothing. Spoken in reference to a struggling mother barely getting by but the children never suffered and they made it through. It's a song about gratefulness, thankfulness and appreciation.

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