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Known professionally as Woman Willionaire, Jessica was born and raised in Houston, Tx. Although she had been singing since the age of 5, it wasn't until she was 15 that she began to write her own songs and lyrics which were inspired by the singers of the 90's like “Monica” and “Aaliyah”. She stayed more busy with sports during that time, so music became an enjoyable hobby rather than her main focus.  


She jumped back into music after the sudden upset of the pandemic in 2020 when there seemed to be less work, but waited until she finished her college classes in the summer of 2021. Though it seemed like something to do at the time just to pass time, she made a decision to pursue it to it's full potential. 


Woman Willionaire began her solo career in the fall of 2021 after her first single release called “Waterflo". By the end of 2021, she had released 2 singles, (Waterflo and Hey, Where My Money At?) After a few changes from 2021's distribution, she then released 2 singles and one EP Christmas Album which included (Joyous Ring and Christmas Is Here) finishing 2022 with 4 singles and 1 EP Album. 


In January of 2023, she did a back to back release of two albums; “OUT OF OPTIONS” and "SCRUTINY PART 1". Though they consisted of different genres, it was based upon some of the same hassles she was facing at the time. Woman Willionaire featured herself in a short series called “Picture My Fame” in which she wrote, produced, and created from scratch and started a production company named "Woman Willionaire Productions. It wasn't until January 2023 that she officially incorporated her music into her production company and now, it not only focused on her videos but her music as well. Her drive and passion "to do" keeps her creating and producing what could possibly be a game changer in the making.

 My Quotes



"In life, you only have power if you have peace"

~ Woman Willionaire~



"My journey in life is not who I am, it's the path I'm on showing the world who I am" 

~ Woman Willionaire~





"We all have that special thing in common; we're human"

~ Woman Willionaire~





"Being real in a fantasy forced world takes strength"

~ Woman Willionaire~





"Chaos don't have a home, but it can make you it's home if you let it" 

~ Woman Willionaire~


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Be Your Making 

Coming up with lyrics alone sometimes come with ease, but not always. Getting the melody to your liking or closest too is the ultimate trick that takes patience. Not everyone starts off with every piece of equipment they need to get the job done correctly; however, don't let that be your stopping point. With new equipment and gadgets being developed constantly, you can always find some type of device to use! That's what makes the creative process so exciting! When you look back after presenting your song or album and it sounds amazing, you will have that little device to thank. It helped get you through when you were about to give up because you didn't have that $400 dollar mic like everyone else or a midi keyboard. Don't Give Up! Make It Count and Make It Work!! You never know the results!!

How Woman Willionaire built a path and owned it 

      Since the pandemic, there has been many rising independent artists but that wasn't the start of most. Many began on YouTube, setting their stage while others used social media such as TikTok to show who they were. 

       Woman Willionaire took a different approach to the start of her solo singing journey. She began illustrating and writing children's books and as she promoted her books, an idea birthed. Books turned into making illustrated videos for her character from the books to making a catchy theme song. 

        It didn't stop there. One theme song turned into another to began her YouTube channel and another for her Avon store. In an unfortunate event,the pandemic shut everything down and work was scarce. However, the idea of making money intrigued her. What she loved most about all of her projects, was making theme songs. It meant more to her because they were her words and work. 

         As Woman Willionaire began writing another song, she came across a make money for your songs ad. From there she wrote 10 to 12 songs and the first song she wrote was recorded for the world to hear. One song lead to 2 more being recorded and others composed. 

          Now, on her 3rd single entitled, "Rich in Poverty" it doesn't seem as if she is dropping the mic or passing it to someone else any time soon. 

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